Information about Wiesmeth Industrial Design

We don't serve Coffee

We're not a Design Agency. This doesn't mean we're less professional or less powerful. We're real professionals who concentrate on their core business: Good Product Design!

We're a network of experienced Design Professionals. Built around German Product Designer Stefan Wiesmeth. He has a more than 20 year reputation of working for large brands in Europe and the US. Living and working in New York for many years, he's now based in Munich.

Our designers deliver excellent quality in all arts of Design. They are experts in 3-dimensional Product Design, Visual Design in Print, Media and Illustration. All of them are working for their own specific clients. But also working on joint projects with the other designers. This is how their huge knowledge base is spread among the team. Where everyone can still learn from the other and where everyone may acquire corrective input from the other...


No Overhead

Our clients don't pay for overhead. And they don't get charged for freshman's or intern's work.

Our clients love working with our design professionals who know what's possible and what can be done. They always feel in control over the process. Because our designers are straight to the point. No fumbling around, no wasting time or money. Our processes are transparent and keep budgets within their limits.


Fair Fees and Budgets

Our fees are always fair. Of course, we need to charge, just like everyone. But we don't hurt our clients.

At the end of the day, we want to have fun working with our clients. They can feel comfortable and happy. Knowing, the deal is right.


Start-ups and Small Business

We welcome Start-ups and Small Businesses. Everyone who has a great product idea, but only limited budget. Or who's afraid of hiring a Designer for the very first time.

We're always happy to support fresh ideas by offering special rates and deals.


German - English

Feel free to contact us in German or English Language. We are native german speakers and fluent in english. We are looking forward to hearing from you!